Who We Are

The Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center is dedicated to helping patients and families by providing transformative treatment of depressive illnesses and related mood disorders. As part of the National Network of Depression Centers, the Johnson Depression Center’s innovative team-based and integrated care models are revolutionizing the mental and behavioral health landscape.

-Implement programs and leverage partnerships to change the conversation around mental health and raise people’s “mental health IQ.” Work to educate the public in order to develop a broader understanding of mental health issues and promote the notion that mental health is part of physical health

-Promote the effectiveness and benefits of prevention and early detection/intervention efforts

-Work to build partnerships and collaborations with communities, individuals and organizations in order to build resiliency and promote mental health and wellness

-Continually grow the Depression Center’s expertise and provide high-quality, evidence-based treatments

-Encourage patient and family engagement and self-management

-Build partnerships and increase shared decision making

-Disseminate effective treatments and strategies to health and mental health providers in Colorado by educating mental and health care professionals

-Working with larger systems to develop and implement new care delivery models

-Conduct research to develop and adapt new treatments, models of care and improve the ability to better identify persons with mood disorders

-Decrease stigma and increase understanding of mental health by engaging diverse groups including community/business leaders, schools, the military, first-responders, primary care providers and governments

-Promote better and more wide-spread integration of mental health into primary care settings

-Address system-level barriers to care by engaging health plans, employers and EAPs, benefit design consultants, wellness programs, private insurers etc.

-Promote new economic/ financial models and policy changes that support better models of care

-Develop new data-driven approaches to inform policies and integration


The Johnson Depression Center’s mission is to improve the lives of people with depression and mood disorders through clinical excellence, innovative research, community programs and education.

Clinical Care

The Center delivers and promotes state-of-the-art, evidence-based approaches to diagnosing and treating mood disorders.


Community Programs and Education

The Center’s community programs are designed to extend our reach to communities and organizations across the state.



Consistent with the mission of the CU School of Medicine, the Johnson Depression Center conducts innovative research and studies.