Annual Luncheon

  Thank you to everyone who supported and attended our Ninth annual luncheon! We raised more than $500,000 and brought 750 people in support of mental health care! Because of supporters like you, we can continue to provide training in the community including suicide prevention, mindfulness, stress management and self-care. You are helping us improve the quality of health care and extend our reach throughout the Rocky Mountain region.    

2019 Luncheon Committee
Andrew Armatas | Ann Ayers | Jamie Blume | Angie Flug | Ross Fox | Bridget Grier | Hilary Haynes | Farren Henry | Courtney Hughes | Kelley Manley | Dianna May | Heather Mulvihill | Elizabeth Norton | Elizabeth Peros | Pete Perry | Susan Rakowich | Ann Benson Reidy | Virginia Reiman | Scott Shwayder | Martha Solis-Turner | Connie Wiegers | Meghan Zucker

Luncheon Program
Introduction by Reggie Rivers: opening
5 Fingers of Gratitude by Dr. Amy Lopez: 4:40
Johnson Depression Center Board Chair, Heather Mulvihill: 24:40
Honoring Tucker: 38: 05
Live Auction: 45:15
Keynote Speaker, Jeremy Bloom: 59:35
Closing remarks: 1:25:20

Thank you to our 2019 Sponsors!

Olympian Sponsor
Virginia and Scott Reiman

Gold Medal Sponsor

The Flug Family Foundation
Bridget and John Grier
Lanny and Sharon Martin
Heather and Jimmy Mulvihill

Silver Medal Sponsors

Janelle and Buck Blessing
Cardan Capital Partners, LLC
CU Athletics
Jennifer Cunningham
Frederic C. Hamilton Family Foundation
Independence Capital Holds, LLC
Lewis Bess Williams & Weese P.C.
The Precourt Foundation
Sue and Walt Rakowich
Ann and Kevin Reidy
George and Mary Sissel
The Anschutz Foundation




Bronze Medal Sponsors
Ann Ayers & Mark Ritacco
Chris Rule Foundation
Andi Freyer & Healy Parks
Tad Herz
Courtney and Mark Hughes
Jack Eck, MD, and Kathleen Eck, JD, and Martha Head
J.P. Morgan & Co
Elizabeth Peros
Maeve and Pete Perry
Debra and Kenneth Tuchman
UC Health
Meghan and Evan Zucker



Champion Sponsors
Bank of Colorado, Brittany and Jonathan Rogers
Caerus Oil and Gas
Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation
Rachel and Tim Comfort
Susan Drumm
Eagle River Energy Advisors
Heather Ehret-Faircloth and Kelley Manley
Figueroa Family Foundation
Kelly and K.C. Gallagher
Merrill Linton and Hon. Andrew Armatas
Marc Lippitt and Unique Properties
Charles & Gretchen Lobitz
Mental Health Center of Denver
Laura and Gibson Smith
Chip and Judi Spratlen
Martha Solis-Turner and James Turner
Lydia and John Woodard

Buff Sponsor
Shook, Hardy & Bacon, LLP

VIP Patrons
Robin Beery & Jane Ingalls
McDermott Family Foundation
Randall Ohlson
David & Liz Payne
Jim and Karen Possehl
Ringsby Realty Corp
Robin and Todd Snidow

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